Gencon 2014: Booth #617

We will be stationed in booth #617 at Gencon 2014 starting August 14th.

In addition to representing ourselves as a bastion of multitouch in a hall full of analog solutions, we will be representing a brand new partnership.  Mesa Mundi Inc. and d20Pro have merged to form a stronger alliance to build next generation multitouch solutions for gamers.  

This merger includes the acquisition of various elements of intellectual property from MindGene LLC as well as welcoming Mat Morton into our ranks as a full partner.

These are exciting times and this news is but a part of the excitement 2014 has brought us already.

The show itself will be handled in a unique way. In addition to the exhibit hall space, we will be running games and allowing the attendees access to our tables in the two attached Marriott locations, the JW and the Marriott (proper?).

We will be running the next installment of our tournament adventure, The Crawl. In addition to these dungeon delves, we will also be holding workshops for beginner and advanced users of the d20Pro virtual table top software.

If you're going to be a the show, look up our events by simply typing "mundi" into the Gencon Event Search tool.

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