New X Slim Series from ZaagTech

ZaagTech has launched their newest addition to their product line.  An X Series frame which sports the lovely additional feature of being extremely thin!  This new frame measures in at roughly 19mm wide, versus 36.5mm, while preserving the 11mm height from the previous X Series frames.  In addition to this new dimension, the frames use a new connection setup which places the screws on the outside edge of the corners.  The new screw setup, 4 screws per corner, allows for a much stronger bond than previous models.  

Like the standard X Series frames, the new X Slim are jacketed in black extruded aluminum.  A single USB connector hangs from the lower right (when facing the frame) corner of the device.  

The frame is advertised as offering 2x the speed of it's predecessor.  We'll have to run some tests to determine if the product can delivery on this claim! 

The overall look and feel of this new frame is rather nice.  The things that I noticed immediately were the rigidity of the corner connections and a significant thinning of the lower edge.  In previous versions of this frame the interior edge had the same sized lip on the top and bottom, this new frame has virtually no lower lip to the IR window.  This should allow for the frame sensors to sit very, very close to the touch surface.

Another post should be coming shortly where we'll run some side by side comparisons with some of the other frames.