Touch Technology and the plan for 2015

2014 was an exciting and wild year for Mesa Mundi.  We spent a lot of time racing to get ahead of our work loads and to stay on top of some exciting new technologies.  One of the more amazing experiences from the last year was the further development of our relationship with Flatfrog - a Swedish touch technology manufacturer.  Flatfrog and Mesa Mundi Inc. have partnered up to produce large format, zero bezel screen overlays which will be debuting the beginning of March at PAX East and then displaying at DSE and possible SXSW.  March is going to be very busy.

This technology brings the wonders and cost of IR into direct alignment to challenge some of the best P-Cap products on the market.  We will be supplying these panels as overlays through our fabrication partner in sizes ranging from 32" to over 100" with touch counts starting at 10-points and going up from there.

2015 also holds the re-launch of Perceptive Pixel, now a Microsoft product.  The new Perceptive Pixel product is particularly exciting in collaborative settings such as offices and educational centers.  The new product is designed with telepresence and collaboration in mind.  For those of you versed in the industry, you may recall the collaborative tools of yore which the original PPI team introduced at Infocomm a few years ago.  From the promo videos and little details we're allowed to talk about, the new PPI release promises to provide these functions in spades.

On the entertainment side of things, Mesa Mundi's game development team, lead by Mat Morton, has been hard at work (and will continue to be hard at work) building out the next iteration of our Virtual Table-Top product.  Unlimited Tabletop (current title) is a versatile product which introduces the concepts of ePub and eDistribution to the board and role-playing game spaces -- among other things. 

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PAX 2014 - Highlights

We were at PAX this year with a 20x20 booth and the turnout was excellent!  All four sections of our area saw a lot of traffic as people came by to look at the displays.

In the this picture, you can see the initial draft of the booth plans.  


These were refined somewhat, resulting in the version seen below. 


Here we can see the crowd down the aisle, waiting for the Exhibit Hall to open.  


This is the same view, taken from a few feet closer so that you can see the touchscreen mounted on the post.  We had one touchscreen on each side of the booth, mounted on these center posts.  People were able to played a variety of games.  


Looking inside our space, we had four areas we set up.   

In the D20 Pro area, Mat Morton had a steady stream of people learning about the D20 Pro virtual tabletop and all of the features packed into it.  If you haven't heard of it and enjoy pen-and-paper gaming, it is worth checking out for its blend of the best of pen-and-paper and digital gaming.



In the next area over, Dark Infinity Software Corp., represented by Bill and Chad, were running their gaming apps on one of our 60" Mesa Mundi tables, to the delight of many.   Pair Soup seemed to be the big winner with families and smaller children, as a cooperative matching game, but it was far from the only title being demoed.   


In the corner opposite, Gene ran Smashit on a Mesa Mundi  55" Monolith 40-touch table which brought on hordes of gamers, with the crowd gathering 2-3 people deep around the table to try their hands at it and watch the fast-paced action.

Several players returned on multiple days, and overall that table was in play more or less non-stop for the entire weekend, with enthusiastic gamers trying to beat the weekend high score.     

In the image below, you can see a table-level view of the gameplay.  Smashit supports up to six players.


We were very happy with how the tables performed with this sort of high-intensity multi-touch action.    

In the last corner, we had two of the tabletop designs on display without monitors in them, so that customers could see more of the structure and also how easily the Monolith tables break down for transport or storage.  The flat-packable slot and groove design got many an appreciative comment over the course of the weekend, especially from people who were wondering about using them to do on-site presentations.   


Lifting the top off to show how the components fit together underneath.


The Microsoft Perceptive Pixel display, seen in the background on the right, is running the Lima presentation software in this image.  We also ran it as an arcade kiosk from time to time, with a pinball game turning it into a life-sized digital pinball machine.  

If you ran into us at PAX, thanks for stopping by, and we hope you like what you saw!  If you weren't able to make it, check back here from time to time, as we'll be attending other conventions and conferences throughout the year and will let people know when we have information on each.

You can also follow us on Twitter @MesaMundiInc for updates.


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PAX East, Monolith Product Launch, and What's Next?

Our Monolith touchscreen launch this weekend at PAX East was a big hit.  The level of interest from the attendees and exhibitors was amazing.


In response to the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm, we are extending the introductory show price for next two weeks on all of our Monolith Series displays.  Also, due to the overwhelming response, we've reduced the X Slim and A Series touch overlay prices permenantly!


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PAX East here we come!

This year's PAX East should be very interesting.  We have some new products to show as well as new software.  We will have some special guests at our booth; the d20Pro lead developer and two of the brains behind Machine Code Games.

Pick up your swords and spears, we have d20Pro demoing with a playable, mini arena scenario.  This is a quick intro to d20Pro setup which will be played directly from the booth, so stop on by!

Machine Code Games is getting their casual gaming on with a collection of games available for play on many of our touch screens.  There will be space for sit-down, casual board gaming with these talented developers.  

Last but not least, we will be debuting our newest edition to our multitouch touch screen line up.  We will have two of our new and improved touch screen systems on hand.  Help us name our new product line by submitting your ideas into the proverbial hat!  

We will be offering various show specials and events throughout the show.  Stop by often or follow us on twitter .

Stop by Booth 380 at PAX East for engaging multitouch gaming experience as well as our show discount.

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