Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform
  • Arena Multitouch Platform

Arena Multitouch Platform

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Unleash the full power of multitouch, reusing and customizing ARENA apps and adding your own. Arena includes a set of Apps that will support a wide set of usage scenarios.  Arena runs on top of an extensible software platform supporting central content management, license management, monitoring, logging and auto-updates, among several other features.

Arena supports full-integration of external apps. This allows your applications to run along side the complement of existing, native apps.  


Innovative Natural User Interface – Different approach to UI, allows users to be on any side of the table and still be able to interact properly with contents, due to spherical nature of contents.



Add and manage gigabytes of Videos, Images, PDFs – Easily add and manage your media files to customize Apps with your product or brand information. Wide variety of media formats supported.


Organize Apps and contents as in multiple desktops – Spaces feature allows you to create hierarchic organized content, like one Space for Social Networking Apps, one Space for Apps with product X info, one Space for contents about the brand, and even Spaces within Spaces, with no limit.

App Customization

Each App allows deep customization to meet project needs – All the Apps available are fully customizable so that they can be used across different sector in the public displays markets, like retail, museums, trade-shows, shopping centers, airports, hotels, and so on.


Easy and intuitive, doesn’t require special skills – Add, rename, delete, drag and drop, import several files at once, all in a graphical and intuitive contents manager. Spend your time customizing your Apps, not wondering how to use software.


Monitoring tools to ensure performance – Our Software Manager monitors the overall performance of ARENA to ensure optimal performance using several different tools such as Log System, Diagnosis Tool, Software Updates, Account Sync and Advanced Tools.

External Apps

Launch executables that run on Windows – With KickOff App you can launch any executable software from ARENA. From Flash/Air based multimedia applications to third-party software, if it runs, it’s usable.


Sync contents across multiple computers – Use the cloud feature to upload your contents to the cloud and to download them back to all the other computers in the same account. Benefit from the free 1Gb storage with each Platform license.


Benefit from the releases our development team issues – You don’t need to reinstall the software every time there’s a new update. Choose between automatic or manually to define when you want to check and install the latest updates.

License Manager

Manage licenses across several computers – Activate and deactivate Platform and Apps license according to you projects needs. Benefit the most from the software you buy with a flexible license management system.

App Store

Built-in software and online – you can buy your licenses online, from the Arena store, using your Account. Or you can buy from the store built-in the software, if it is more convenient for you. Both use Paypal secure paying systems.


Prepare and import contents organized by folders – Your media files will be displayed in groups (product X, product Y, product Z). Save time managing your contents by directly importing them at once into the same Collection.

Log System

Records events of the platform and collects that data – Advanced logging system monitors the software and computer performance and registers all the information to allow an adequate action in case of system failure.

Kiosk Mode

Prevent end-users to access the OS – If you want, when ARENA is launched it can go directly into full screen mode. Schedule the computer to boot at a given time, put ARENA in the startup folder and activate Kiosk Mode to have the software up and running everyday at the same time automatically.

Screen Orientation

Toggle between landscape and portrait – It’s easy to adjust from table setup to vertically mounted displays and back.


Define screensaver contents and its activation time. Chose between the images in your contents and how long without any touch before it is activated.

Graphical Performance

Enhanced graphical computation – developed in C++ and using QT and OPENGL, ARENA uses a powerful framework that lets you benefit and use advanced and demanding graphical experiences.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8 and Linux
  • Video Card: HD Video capable
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Processor: Core 2 duo or equivalent
  • Hardware: Touchscreen with Windows 7/8 touch event support