Our partners enable us to offer you the greatest in multitouch technology from natural user interface software to interactive display hardware. 


We offer the amazing touchtech LIMA software suite to our customers through our online store or packaged with our multitouch hardware solutions.

The Perceptive Pixel LCD multitouch displays are industry-leading interactive displays. Available in both 55-inch and 82-inch versions, it is ideal for any collaborative environment.

Computime is a preferred manufacturer of multitouch monitors ranging in sizes from 15 to 32 inches.

The ST Pro Multitouch Overlay from SensaTouch can transform any existing display into an impressive interactive multitouch experience.

A developer of many engaging multitouch games, Machine Code has partnered with us to offer these games individually or in one of two game packages through our online store.

Unedged created the incredibly powerful and diverse ARENA Multitouch Platform, available on its own or preinstalled on one of our multitouch solutions.

The Snowflake multitouch software suite is an easily-customizable multitouch applications environment available from our store. The large collection of available applications provides a wide range of options for presenting content.

Focusing on educational as well as business uses, Omnitapps offers multitouch software solutions for a range of needs.

Loxit produces a wide variety of storage and display carts for devices of all sizes. Mesa Mundi Inc. has partnered with them to distribute the Mobile TV Lift: Hi-Lo Flip Top Trolley.

Video Furniture International offers stands, carts, tables, podiums, and much more for large displays. This includes adjustable electric lift stands perfect for versatile use of multitouch hardware.

PresTop Products has manufactured multitouch kiosks since 1993 and has since expanded into the production of multitouch screens, tables, and interactive display walls.

Developer of both multitouch hardware and software solutions, Ideum specializes in interactive exhibit design as well as application development and interactive touch tables and walls.

Displax creates beautiful touch tables and pads while also providing multitouch screen foils for use with large-format displays.

Pioneers of video gesture control, GestureTek creates remarkable interactive experiences at any scale.

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