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August 7th, 2014


Mesa Mundi, Inc. Acquires Pioneering Virtual Tabletop d20Pro

Mesa Mundi, Inc. has acquired the d20Pro virtual tabletop product, its related technology, and core team from MindGene, LLC. This move advances their long-standing shared goal of developing innovative products for digital table-top gaming. Mesa Mundi’s CEO, Tobias Drewry, sums it up well, saying “d20Pro’s best-in-class virtual table-top solution is a clear complement to Mesa Mundi’s wide range of multi-touch technologies.”

This alliance multiplies the vision, experience, and other resources available to the long-anticipated resurgence of d20Pro. Mat Morton, d20Pro Lead Developer and CTO of Mesa Mundi adds, “On a personal level, let me express how thrilled I am by our partnership with Mesa Mundi. Besides raw talent for innovation, they bring a true passion for gaming along with a desire to make technology for playing games accessible to everyone. Now, as part of something bigger, d20Pro will truly level up and I firmly believe maximize its potential as the most intuitive and powerful virtual tabletop experience available.”

Already close partners for the last four years, Mesa Mundi and d20Pro are capitalizing on the merger, taking big steps together to realize their shared vision. First up is the d20Pro Unlimited Kickstarter campaign, launching Friday, August 8th. The Kickstarter is timed to coincide with GenCon (Aug 14-17) where d20Pro will be on full display at the Mesa Mundi, Inc. booth #617. The d20Pro developers will also be presenting workshops and demonstrations around the convention. These two big events will round out 2014 and will set the stage for large software development milestones in 2015 and beyond.

To contact Mesa Mundi, Inc:

Tobias Drewry, CEO

(781) 253-2060


For more information on the d20Pro Unlimited Kickstarter campaign, please visit or


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